Purridise is the concept for a brand of kitty litter that is pleasing to both cats and their owners alike. This unscented litter is guaranteed to keep all of a cat’s natural scents inside the litter box. It’s also so soft on a cat’s paws that they won’t want to go anywhere else. The brand also expands to a starter kit for first time cat owners that comes with a 12 lb cat litter bag, a bag of cat treats, a standard open litter box, and a litter scooper.

Brand Design Process
Final Brand Identity
I went through many renditions of icons to try and fit the brand name, but ended up realizing that the uniqueness of the brand is in the brand name. So for the final brand, I ultimately decided to go with a more simple type solution. The "Purr" is set in Avenir Heavy, emphasizing the sound a cat makes when it's content or happy. The "idise" is set in Avenir Light, setting it back from the emphasized part of the brand.
Color Palette
"Let them go where they want to go"
Type Palette
Branded Touchpoints
First Time Cat Owner Starter Pack
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