I’m a visual designer from Houston, Texas. Drawing since I was five years old, which mainly consisted of in-comprehensive bulbous figures, made me gravitate towards the more visual and artistic side of school. As I continued to practice drawing in basically all of my free time, I learned to love art and design even more. Being in the communication design program at Texas State University has taught me aspects of all the different branches of design, and helped me realize my love for branding and package design. Essentially, my creative process is driven by extensive ideation. However, it is important that I'm able to solve problems through a visual aspect and given the freedom to explore all the ideas that run around in my head.
When I’m not designing, I’m drawing, experimenting with watercolors, or playing Overwatch with friends. However, my main job mostly consists of my fruitless attempts to keep my kitten from tearing up my apartment.
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